Men’s Clothing Dealers Firms

Men’s Clothing Dealers Firms

When the the official from this company was answering our questions he stated “ We have been producing ready made garments for men for 40 years.In Turkey we have our production factory for suits, shirts and trousers.We effect exports to 42 countries.”

The company of Oral Tekstil was founded in 1970 by Hüseyin Ural. Prior to 1970 the adventure had taken place from apprentice tailor, to making ‘made to measure’ which was the normal at that time, hand made under eye straining conditions and on to production. The Oral company is a family one however after Hüseyin Ural the new generation in the family have not continued there. Within our Oral Tekstil company under the brand name of Pierre Cassi we effect production and sales of male ready to wear. Men’s suits, shirts, jackets, trousers, ties and belts.

We proudly continue to effect our work as a brand which is much sought after. Quality does not come about by chance we never have forgotten nor will forget our years of experience. We set up the brand Pierre Cassi to take a position in the international market. Then we began to form franchise and dealership conditions for our brand and to undergo the work and actions which were needed in order to take a place in the global market. Actually almost 25 years previously we had already made ourselves known in the sector both domestically and internationally with our advertising, our taking part in fairs and the quality of our product. Presently the Pierre Cassi brand has 107 dealers. We supply work directly to between 800 and 900 people. We also ensure that the dealers and establishments to whom we give franchises are of the correct type to carry our brand.

One of our first priorities is that franchises are not given to establishments that are in the same district or province. From a profit making business point of view our dealers must be situated in a correct position, on a boulevard, in positions with no traffic or in Shopping Malls. We always help the dealers with their choice of position. The reasons that companies wish to take out franchises from us are many. If we list them we must state use of correct fabric for the garment, the correct pattern for the product, a suitable pricing policy, variable payment options, ongoing availability of stock system, we do not take the responsibility of our product only up to the selling point this policy is on going as is the ease of our exchange policy.

The cost of a shop going into action under our franchise system depending on position and condition would on average be 150 thousand TL. We help the new entrepreneur in his choice of venue, the positioning of the name sign, with an analysis of the district and the payment.

Once our franchise is given we do not turn aside and watch the entrepreneur from a distance. We effect everything in our power to ensure their success and their making a profit. We effect personal visits to their business premises, direct the dealer and follow up on all such subjects such as sales, presentation, customer satisfaction and decoration.

We offer the entrepreneurs so much help that the result is that a large part of the business weight is carried by us. Turkey is a country which has proved itself to the world in the textile sector. The production point, the quality product, the capacity to effect no problem products the new technology miracle machines all gladden the eye. The result is quality being sold cheaply.For these reasons we must be preferred.


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